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Morning ~ Monday, April 24, 2000 about 11:00 am (CST)

The Many-Headed Beast

The more we have dealt with the Missouri Baptist Convention and
Southwest Baptist University
, the more we are forced to acknowledge
that these corporations are, indeed, like the mythical many-headed beast --
each head with its own objectives, prejudices, personal and political
ambitions ... and "secrets" to keep.

This Easter Weekend, there were several new developments -- including
new media offers.

During the coming week or so, we will attempt to reach some form of resolution.

We are,  however, concerned that even if we are able to come to an agreement,
Marie and other witnesses are still in jeopardy of being "devoured" by one or
the other "heads" while endeavoring to escape.

In plain English, we have been hoping to reach an agreement that will allow
Marie (and other witnesses) to live without further slander, persecution,
assault, or the continuous threat of violation, defamation, injury, harassment,
or other forms of brutalization or torment by these individuals.

We now recognize that this may be impossible.

As a part of a resolution offer, Marie has wholeheartedly agreed to leave
the country in order to seek treatment
-- although Marie knows that
such a strenuous trip could (in and of itself) prove fatal.

Marie's proposal and resolution offer to the Missouri Baptist Convention
     "Sensitivity of the Heart:  A Proposal For Peace."
has been reworked to incorporate this and other offers.

But, even the promise of  Marie leaving the country for treatment (and
thereby lessening the probability of any political or legal fallout) or
the provision that  Marie relinquish any effort to complete her undergraduate
degree at SBU or, perhaps, any other university (thereby minimizing any
legal complications or repercussions for SBU) does not seem capable
of satiating this multi-headed beast.

The display of malice, hostility, and hatred by the Missouri Baptist Convention  
and Southwest Baptist University toward Marie or those of us who have been
forced to speak has not, to our knowledge, diminished.

Apparently, Marie knows too much to be allowed to exist.

As one reporter noted, "They are just waiting for her to die."

In the witnessed words of one of the members of First Baptist Church of Bolivar
and a prominent SBU booster
(whose relative is a recently-elected
SBU Trustee
      "If Marie died, there would not be any lawsuit."

The first of some fifteen (15) pre-dawn pesticide assaults against Marie's
home -- which resulted in the death of three outdoor pets -- began that week.
The same booster later informed one of Marie's friends,
      "You'd better get her [Marie] a will."

Yes, according to this SBU philosophy:  Dead students tell no tales.

How can Marie and others hope to escape such a many-headed,
multi-fanged "beast" with their lives in tact?

is defined by this beast as the complete absence of responsibility
or consequence for their actions and conduct.  

Any persons who questions this definition will pay ... with their reputations,
careers, families, friends, and, perhaps, with their lives.

     "Give us our 'mercy' now," this beast seems to hiss,  "... or we will kill."

If Southwest Baptist University and the Missouri Baptist Convention
refuses to discipline and control their employees and associates
to honor the laws of either God or Man, perhaps resorting to publicity
through the National Media is the only option left to secure some degree
of safety for those who have been unfortunate enough to wander into
this beast's dark den.

It is difficult to believe that this grim many-headed beast has any relationship
to Jesus, the Son of the Holy Living God, whose Easter Resurrection we
have just celebrated.

We will keep you posted daily as to any progress made.

More to come ...

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