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~*~How Can I Help?~*~

Donation Account and
Gift Certificates for Marie
Revised on Christmas Day of 2000 and Wednesday, March 14, 2001
and Wednesday, September 5, 2001

~Donation Account~   ~*~  ~Gift Certificates~

 ~*~New ~*~
~Electrical Assistance - Help! Help Help!~
If you would like to help with Marie's electrical bill,
please send assistance funds to
the ~Donation Account~ for now!

~*~Donation Account ~*~

As the local church and community organizations
have not been willing to assist Marie,
a donation account for Marie O'Hara
has been established at the
Bank of Hillsboro, Missouri
to assist with
Marie's medical and living expenses.

Please send your checks and donations to:

Marie O'Hara Donation Account
Account Number 75692

Bank of Hillsboro, Missouri
PO Box 708
Hillsboro, MO 63050

Please make sure to specify
Account Number # 75692

CALL:  (314) 797-3337 -- Ask for Jackie.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001
Total Amount Given
to Account to Date:  $ 00.00


In the twelve years since her first acute injury
(September 1988),
no church or church-related organization

has ever offered Marie
financial assistance --
in spite of the fact that friends and family
have asked over 200 such organizations for help.


For the past three years,
organic food merchants and vendors

(primarily out-of-state)
have been contributing organic food for Marie.

Thank you organic growers and merchants
for your help!


Due to the injuries, threats, and violence
against Marie by
individuals associated with SBU
and the local community,
Marie has not been able to receive
any governmental assistance.

Marie has had to apply for assistance
from out-of-state sources
(which are unrelated to any Christian organizations).


~*~Gift Certificates~*~

All Gift Certificates may be sent through the
participating vendor.

The Post Office Box for the
Marie O'Hara Donation Drive

has been closed
due logistic difficulties
and opened, torn, and mishandled mail.

We will be opening a new box soon.

Marie has never received a food donation
from SBU, their associates, or
any church or church organization.

Thursday, March 8, 2001  12:00 noon (CST)

The First of Four Phases Has Been Completed
Discussions and Other Developments
are Underway

Your Prayers Are Appreciated.

We are pleased to announce that
Marie has received a
huge and generous organic food donation
from California and Colorado --
enough food for many months.

Enormous thanks to all those
merchants who contributed and
to those who helped with transportation.

To most people, this may not seem to be
a particularly important event, but as Marie has said,
"Hunger hurts."

For those who have asked --
No, no churches have participated.

Due to the generosity of these merchants and friends,
we are suspending the Gift Certificate Program
for the time being.

No, in over a year of asking for assistance
on this website no one from the local area
ever gave to Marie through the Gift Certificate Program.


Our deepest gratitude
and thanks to all those
who did give
to sustain Marie's life.


~*~Electrical Assistance~*~

~Electrical Assistance - Help! Help Help!~

If you would like to help with Marie's electrical bill,
please send assistance funds to
the ~Donation Account~ for now!


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