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            Man Convicted of Chemical Assault
                   on Severely Allergic Woman


Morning~ Monday, February 28, 2000 about 7:00 am (CST)

This morning, we have only one news items that we would like to bring
to the attention of the SBU Trustees and the Missouri Baptist Convention.

Man Convicted of Chemical Assault on Severely Allergic Woman
   BBC News

Although a more detailed description will be forthcoming, for the moment,
we will post this with only a brief comment.

In addition to the break-in by the Polk County Sheriff's Department and
a social worker from the Missouri Division of Aging, Marie has survived
at least fifteen (15) assaults with pesticides or petrochemicals to the outside
of  her home or grounds. [See information on Marie's open letter to the Senate.]

Each of the chemical attacks occurred usually between 1:00 am and 3:00 am
in the early morning  -- each within a day or so of one of the seven  (7) electrical disconnections, or when a major move was made in either her civil or
criminal complaints against SBU
, or when Marie attempted to ask for
some kind of Community or Church assistance
.   [See information on
Marie's attempt to obtain assistance

Believing this pattern to be somehow unrelated or "coincidental" is just
not rational.

Though these attacks were excruciating and debilitating, Marie survived.

Marie's two outdoor dogs --  Phoenix and Ree -- and an outdoor cat, Fluffy,
however, were murdered as a result of three (3) such pesticide attacks.

(A second outdoor cat -- an older kitten named Junior -- was run over
repeatedly, horribly mutilated, and the barely-recognizable corpse was
tossed over the back fence).

Man Convicted of Chemical
Assault on Severely Allergic Woman

   BBC News

and sentence has been imposed:

~*~New Today~*~
Man Jailed for 14 Months
over Chemical Assault
on Severely Allergic Woman

    BBC News

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