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1. I request that the university make adjustments
to my

a. ALL "Ds," "Fs," and Incomplete ("Is") grades
will be changed to "Ws "(Withdrawals) or,
where possible and appropriate, reference
to the class will be removed from the transcripts.

b. I request that SBU change my grade in
Shakespeare class (It is currently a "C")
to a "W" (Withdrawal). I had earned an "A"
in this class, but was unable to complete
this course.

This change and the other grade changes
more accurately and fairly reflect the actual

c. These new transcripts will be neatly and
professionally typed (without any underlying

d. The grade transcripts will be subject to my
approval -- which I will give within 3 hours
of the receipt of the retyped transcripts.
This is to insure that there are no further
disputes or difficulties with the transcripts.

2. I would like adjustments made to my permanent

Preferably, I would request the complete removal
of any other records except the actual grade
transcripts themselves.

If my records were to include any other facet of my
career at SBU, I would be compelled to request
placement of my own record of these events along

side the university's record.

This would only agitate further disagreements
and dispute. I believe that the removal of any
extraneous portion of my university records --
beyond the actual grade transcripts -- would
mutual accord.

Therefore, I request the destruction of any
extraneous portion of my university records.

This is a procedure which, according to authorities,
is completely in compliance with the standards and
functions of academic accounting and record-keeping
at other universities.

This compromise -- preserving only the actual
academic transcripts -- will sustain the integrity
of the academic record without the need for

3. I would like to include a mutually agreed upon
CONCILIATORY letter with my transcripts.

I have written and enclosed the initial draft of
the CONCILIATORY letter for your approval.

4. The single page of revised grade transcripts and
above CONCILIATORY letter will then comprise
entirety of my "new transcripts."

5. The university will provide 100 (one hundred)
of these "new transcripts" (which includes
the single
page of grade transcripts and the above
letter) in individual sealed
envelopes with the SBU
insignia, letterhead,
and/or seal.

a. These (one hundred) copies of "new transcripts"
will be boxed and mailed to my postal box address
[now closed] by certified, return-receipt mail no
later than
September 17, 1999.

b. I will use these "new transcripts" in applying
for admission to other universities and, if possible,
I will complete my degree(s) at
another university.

c. If any university should make inquiry for my
records or for any other information concerning
me, that university is to be sent only the "new
transcripts" -- that is, the single page
of revised
grade transcripts and the above

No other information or communication is to be sent.

d. There is to be no other communication -- written,
verbal, taped, or any other means -- concerning me
between any SBU associate and any other
representative with whom I am
consulting, conferring,
or communicating.

e. No one associated with SBU will communicate with
any other university representative or other
concerning me, my academic career,
or any other aspect
of my life, family, friends,
or disability for any purpose
or reason.

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