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To Whom It May Concern:

Marie Ann O'Hara was injured in an accident on the campus
of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.

In order to facilitate her recovery and her transfer to a new
university, we have reached a conciliatory agreement with
Ms. O'Hara.

We feel that this is in the best interest of Ms. O'Hara and
of Southwest Baptist University. This will allow all involved
to proceed with their lives and academic careers without
further hindrance, obstacle, or controversy.

Southwest Baptist University and its representatives,
associates, and agents have agreed to refrain from any
communication concerning or discussion of Ms. O'Hara
or her academic career beyond that information on course
content which may be necessary to determine transferability
of her course grades.

In order to limit the possibility of any further disruption to
Ms. O'Hara's academic advancement, Ms. O'Hara has asked,
and we have agreed, that no individual associated with SBU
will provide information regarding Ms. O'Hara, her accident,
her work at SBU, or any other aspect of her life.

The enclosed single page of transcripts contains the entirety
of her academic record.

It is our understanding that Ms. O'Hara wishes to start fresh
in her academic career; we hope that this will allow her to
do so.

We are sorry that this unfortunate situation has prevented
her from completing her degree at Southwest Baptist University
and wish her the best in her new academic career and in her life.


C. Pat Taylor,
President, Southwest Baptist University

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