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How Pesticides Can Cause Someone
to Become Sensitized or Allergic
to Perfumes and Fragranced Products

From the Updates Page
     Morning ~ Wednesday, April 5, 2000 about 11:50 am (CST)

     "You mean they put hazardous waste in perfumes?  Wow, no way!"

     "Yes, way.  In perfumes ... and pesticides.  That's why Marie can
not tolerate or has severe allergic or anaphylactic reactions to perfumes
and fragrances.  Many of the same toxic chemicals and irritants that
contaminated the pesticides also contaminate fragranced products and
perfumes. Read the series of posts on the website over the next few days.  
Then, you will understand"

The above conversation was the reaction of one friend upon hearing
about the next series of posts which will deal with the loopholes in the
trade secret and pesticide regulation laws.

Such laws protect the incorporation of toxic chemicals in consumer
products by labeling them as "trade secret ingredients" and permit
hazardous waste -- including banned pesticides, and hazardous (even
radioactive) waste -- to be recycled in pesticides as "inert ingredients."

We are adding a total of seven (7) pages and links today.

First, we have received permission to post several of the works of the late
activist Julia Kendall -- who died in 1997 of  complications from leukemia
and pesticide poisoning.

Six (6) pages added to the

     The Asthma and
    Allergy Information Page

     click here

1)  ~*~New Today~*~
The Works of Julia Kendall

2)  ~*~New Today~*~
 Making Sense of Scents
The Works of Julia Kendall

3)  ~*~New Today~*~
Twenty Most Common Chemicals
Found in Thirty-One Fragrance Products

The Works of Julia Kendall

4)  ~*~New Today~*~
 The Health Risks of Fabric Softeners
The Works of Julia Kendall

Also, ENH has filed a petition with the FDA to have the fragrance
Eternity by Calvin Klein declared misbranded.

Chemical analysis of this fragrance -- and five others -- revealed
chemicals which are known toxins, carcinogens, irritants, sensitizers,
or which have not been safety tested.

Two independent laboratories identified such chemicals as
diethyl phthalate
(suspected hormone disrupter with ability to
accumulate in the fatty tissues of the human body through skin absorption);
(targets the testes, epididymis and sperm ducts);
(suspected carcinogens, may cause reproductive harm);
(rated toxic, readily absorbed via skin, central nervous
system effects); synthetic musks (recently in the news as substances
which accumulate in human and animal tissues) and skin and respiratory
. The petition contains the laboratory analyses and material
safety data sheets for most of the identified chemicals.

Below we have posted the ENH Press Release and a link to
the charted summary of the chemical analysis.

5)   ~*~New Today~*~
ENH Files FDA Petition to have the
Fragrance Eternity by Calvin Klein
Declared Misbranded

ENH Press Release

6)  ~*~New Today~*~
 Summary of Chemical Analysis
of Calvin Klein's Eternity


And, we have added one new link to

Congressional and Legislation Action

7)  ~*~New Today~*~
The Secret Hazards of Pesticides:
Inert Ingredients

Attorney General of New York
New York State Office of the Attorney General
Environmental Protection Bureau February 1996

More on this (and other subjects) to come ...


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