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November 20, 1992

Steven Harrell
Strong & Associates
901 East Battlefield Road
Springfield, MO 65807-4800

Re: Marie O'Hara

Dear Mr. Harrell:

I have reviewed the materials that you sent concerning the above
individual. I obtained Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology. UCLA
School of Medicine and have specialized in environmental toxicology
since 1969/1970 and in immunotoxicology since 1985.

I have published numerous research papers in peer reviewed scientific
journals on the effects of toxic chemicals (including pesticides)
on the human immune system.

Ms. O'Hara was exposed to one or more pesticides at Southwest Baptist
University on 9/26/88 and 1/30/89. The exposures have been adequately
reviewed by both Dr. Lipsey and Dr. Callender and, therefore will not
be summarized here in. However, Ms. O'Hara was exposed to one or
more of the following pesticides (including inert ingredients,
manufacturing contaminants, and solvents) as follows: Diazinon,
Pyrid, and Tempo.

Ms. O'Hara has been examined by two physicians (Gunnar Heuser,
M.D., Ph.D. and Thomas Callender, M.D.). Both have given diagnosis
of injury from exposure to pesticides that include multiple chemical
sensitivity, severe allergies, diffuse neurological dysfunction,
chronic upper and lower respiratory injury, severe skin rashes
and diffuse central and peripheral nervous system dysfunction.

Her health and academic history, initial symptoms and health
problems and her chronic health problems have been summarized
by Dr. Callender and will not be repeated.

In September, 1991 Dr. Heuser prescribed immunological testing.
The results of the tests are consistent with the exposure to
pesticides and her chronic health problems. I will briefly
review the pertinent immunologic findings.

Ms. O'Hara has an activated immune system as indicated by a
significant elevation of CD26 (Ta1) cells. Elevated CD26 are
associated with chemical sensitivity and multi-organ symptoms
following pesticide exposure. In addition, they also elevated
in individuals with autoimmunity.


Ms. O'Hara has several autoantibodies consistent with autoimmunity.
These are autoantibodies to stomach parietal cell, kidney brush
boarder, myelin of the nervous system and thyroid (thyroglobulin
and microsomal).

It has recently been demonstrated that humans with chronic illness,
as experienced by Ms. O'Hara, following pesticide exposure have
autoimmunity as demonstrated in Ms. O'Hara.

In conclusion, it is my professional opinion that Ms. O'Hara has
been permanently injured following her exposure to pesticides at
Southwest Baptist University.

Her injuries are demonstrable in immunologic changes that include
an activated immune system and autoimmunity.

Moreover, the presence of antimyelin antibodies is consistent with
the neurological changes noted by Drs. Callender and Heuser.

Finally, the diagnoses by both Drs. Callender and Heuser are
consistent with her illness resulting from exposure to pesticides.

If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Jack D. Thrasher, Ph.D.

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