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                                       Letter to Mr. Glen Blake at
                         Empire District Electric Cooperative

                                                April 23, 1996  

Tuesday, April 23, 1996 (10:30 am)

A friend [name deleted]
for Marie Ann O'Hara
  [address deleted]

Mr. Blake
Ozark Empire District Electric Company
Ozark, MO

Dear Mr. Blake:

I have not yet received the written arrangements concerning
the $122 monthly payment for the past and current utility bill
for Marie Ann O'Hara's residence [address deleted].

As a reminder, I have enclosed the previous confirmation which
I faxed you following our April 17, 1996 phone conversations.

On April 16, 1996, Marie gave permission to fax a formal letter
of complaint to the Board of Trustees of the North Central
Accreditation which accredits Southwest Baptist University.
Their on-campus evaluation visit is scheduled for next Monday
(April 29, 1996 through May 1, 1996).

At the time, she believed that the electricity would be disconnected
[permanently as a result of the litigation filed by Empire District
against Marie O'Hara] in a matter of minutes, and she would be
either injured or killed as we had no time to make other arrangements
for her and the loss of her breathing equipment and isolation environment
for any substantial length of time would be injurious, probably fatal,
as her doctors have confirmed to you.

I have included enclosed a copy of this letter (dated April 16,
1996) to the NCA and its enclosure letter, a letter of complaint
to the Missouri Agriculture Department (dated April 16, 1996)

One of Marie's friends has posted these letters and auxiliary
information to a number of International Internet Newsgroups
and Mailing Lists.

We have been braced for the retaliation, because we know that
Empire District Electric's attorneys, Mr. Kerry Douglas and Mr.
Gary Lynch, and their associates (who are also, as you know, the
attorneys for Southwest Baptist University, Citizen's Memorial
Hospital, the City of Bolivar and the County of Polk), have made
it clear, by word and action, that they will take advantage of any
available opportunity to injure Marie so that she can no longer
continue with her personal injury litigation against SBU and
Campbell Pest Control of Springfield.

Marie has informed the NCA of the unethical abuse of the offices
and influence which Mr. Douglas and Mr. Lynch hold in the City
and County for the purpose of doing harm to Marie and forcing her
to "settle" this litigation for a nominal sum which will not allow
Marie to obtain proper long-term medical care and support.  No
doubt Mr. Douglas and Mr. Lynch would like to silence Marie
before she is able to finish her testimony to the NCA.

For this reason, I would like to have your assurance that the written
electrical agreement which we negotiated on April 17, 1996 will
be forth-coming as promised.  Marie is open to any necessary
refinements to the agreement, and I will be happy to discuss any
further clarifications or adjustments with you.

Additional formal complaints concerning the conduct of SBU
officials and supporters have also been made to the appropriate
agencies. Marie had hoped to avoid all this.

The disconnection of Marie's phone line by a lightening strike
on Sunday night left one of our friends panicked in the belief that
the Polk County Sheriff, the Bolivar Police, the Family Services
(Bolivar Family Services director, Terry Phillips, was an SBU
employee at the time of the "break-in"), or some other SBU
"supporters" had broken into Marie's home and ended the

The "break-in" and assault by two Polk County Sheriffs
and a social worker in October 1992 at the behest, so they
said, of SBU administration and attorneys, and the subsequent
refusal of community assistance which resulted in a half
dozen electrical disconnections and the consequent seizures,
respiratory constriction, and loss of her motor skills and
speech capacities have left a deep impression on all of us.

Our friend's frantic descriptions of the situation to a telephone
operator Sunday night and our own terror at the door knock
(which was not answered) of the telephone repairman made
us realize that we are all now convinced -- those individuals
involved in this wrong-doing would not hesitate to harm
Marie (or even one of us as potential witnesses) if they had
the opportunity.

As much as we would like them to be otherwise, they are
Christians by culture, not by conviction. We have to face the
fact that we have been dealing with dangerous and unprincipled

Marie's friends have begun an all-out, emergency effort via
the Internet to find a new university, a new home, and a new
community that will help her as she attempts to recover her
health. We have opened an account to receive donations
for her medical care (including detoxification therapy) and
relocation expenses.

In other words, we would like to help Marie move elsewhere,
and you will not be troubled by this situation any longer. She
will, of course, continue to make the agreed-upon monthly
payments of $122 as promised.

Please send the written agreement as quickly as possible so
that she may sign it by the end of this week.  If you want me
to make arrangements for the lien [against the settlement of the
litigation with SBU and Campbell Pest Control], I will still
be available to do so.


A friend [name deleted]
for Marie Ann O'Hara

Slight alterations were made in formatting and content to make this letter
Internet accessible.

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