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I would like to extend a blanket settlement to all of
those involved in these disputes.

I will hold all those involved harmless for any previous
wrongdoing, including:
the actual toxic injury;
     *sexual harassment;
     *additional physical, emotional, and psychological
         damage, pain, and suffering;
     *the intentional infliction of emotional distress;
     *various conspiracies to conceal or to do harm, or
     *any other form of injury, suffering, or negligence.

Please notify any of the following individuals or
corporations that this offer is now open:

     *Southwest Baptist University
     *Missouri Baptist Convention
     *Campbell Pest Control
     *Dr. Ray Leininger, Pastor
     *Gary Lynch and his law firm
     *Garry Bryant
     *First Baptist Church of Bolivar
     *Polk County Ministerial Alliance
     *The City of Bolivar
     *The County of Polk
     *Empire District Electric Cooperative
     *Polk County Community Center
     *Polk County Sheriff's Department
     *Bolivar Police Department
     *Citizen's Memorial Hospital
     *and the assorted Insurers of the above.

Southwest Baptist University has provided the moral and,
unfortunately, the immoral leadership in the participation
of these organizations in this matter.

Therefore, I am asking you to provide leadership in
relieving these individuals and organizations of the burden
of the consequences of their conduct -- for the good of the
community as a whole.

I request that you take responsibility for amending the

Please solicit the cooperation of these individuals or
organizations for their contributions to an overall fund.

My representative will be calling you this afternoon
(September 16, 1999) at your office at Southwest Baptist

Please be prepared to make your best solid offer at that
time. We will need to complete this agreement today.

Although I can readily agree to keep the terms and
financial agreements of this settlement confidential,
I cannot agree to any over-all confidentiality agreement.

These events have encompassed the entirety of my
adult life, and it is a simple impossibility that I should
not need to discuss them in some form in the future.

I will, however, give my word of honor that I will not
actively pursue any further civil or criminal charges
regarding these events.

I do not wish to continue to rehash past events; I wish
to move on with the future.

I have a friend, an attorney, who will work with you
in establishing the language of a settlement contract.
He will offer his services at no charge to any of the

I will ask that any agreement reached be reciprocating,
that is, that all the signatories agree to hold me, my friends,
and my family or any one acting on my behalf harmless for
any past incidents or occurrences.

I do this as precautionary measure -- in order to make
certain that all parties are placated and settled.


I also propose a solution to the unethical or illegal
actions of the employees, agents, and associates of
Southwest Baptist University.

Southwest Baptist University and the Missouri Baptist
Convention are to open a private, internal investigation
into this situation.

In addition to other necessary and prudent disciplinary
actions, those involved in any wrongdoing are to be fined
at a rate commensurate with the severity of the offense.

I request that a fund -- the Atonement Fund --
be established at an independent bank into which
fines and voluntary contributions may be deposited.

On October 1, 1999 and again on December 1, 1999,
the contents of this fund are to be sent to:

The Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN),
a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research
needed to find the treatment and cure for chemical

This organization was founded by my friend, Cindy
. Her death this past June was a grievous
loss to all of us; I would like this fund to honor her.

The fund should total no less than $500.000
(five hundred thousand dollars).

I would rather these funds go toward seeking a cure --
toward healing -- than toward criminal or civil attorneys'


I have included a number of other considerations which
must be examined and concluded in order to resolve this

These are discussed in the enclosed sections, involving:
my academic transcripts, my NDSL educational loans,
and my Empire District Electric Cooperative billings.

I have several other considerations that will be brought
to your attention this afternoon; I do not believe that you
will find these agreements overly burdensome.

Please be prepared to discuss these this afternoon.

It is my hope this will provide closure for all those


Marie Ann O'Hara


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