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  The "Healing Hearts Proposal" Introduction

The "Healing Hearts Proposal" was faxed to the President of Southwest
Baptist University, Dr. C. Pat Taylor, in September 1999.  

Spitting furiously, the lead attorney for Southwest Baptist University,
Mr. Gary Cunningham, venomously and maliciously rejected any discussion
or negotiation of this -- or any other -- proposal, offer, or agreement.

Thursday (February 17, 2000), this proposal was faxed to the leadership of
the Missouri Baptist and Southern Baptist Conventions including:  
   SBU Alumnus and Executive President of the Missouri Baptist Convention,
Mr. Jim Hill
   the Editor of the Missouri Baptist Convention newspaper, the Word and Way,
Mr. Bill Webb;
   the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Mr. Paige Patterson,
and the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the
  Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Richard Land.

Further history and comments are to be posted this weekend.

                                          HEALING HEARTS PROPOSAL

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