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            Confirmation Letters from Dr. A. M. Worrell, Jr., MD

A.M. Worrell, Jr., MD
Board Certified, American Board of Allergy and Immunology
Pine Bluff Allergy Clinic, P. A.
3900 Hickory St.
Pine Bluff, AR 71603

To Whom It May Concern:

Miss O'Hara has been sick for several years, secondary to a toxic
reaction to a chemical exposure. ... She is, at the present time,
totally disabled and is confined to her own home and under the
care of a caregiver....

It is absolutely imperative that she have the following items for
her treatment:

       1) Personal care, given by her caregiver...
       2) Oxygen on hand to combat acute chemical sensitivity reactions
       3) 100% [Organic] Cotton bed mattress
       4) 100% [Organic] Cotton clothes
       5) Cotton towels, blankets and work clothes [for caregiver]
      6) Certified organic foods
      7) Purified Water
      8) Non-scented shampoos and household cleaning agents
          and dishwashing material.
      9) She needs to have air cleaners and air filters in her home
          to clear ambient chemicals, dusts and molds from her air.

I reiterate the fact that she is totally disabled and she must have these
items for her care.


Aubrey M. Worrell, Jr., MD
Pine Bluff Allergy Clinic, P.A.


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