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A Mule's Tale

Afternoon ~ Saturday, May 6, 2000 about 4:00 pm (CST)

A Mule's Tale

There was a farmer who when to the market one fine Spring day to buy
a good working mule to assist him in plowing the fields.  

After looking a good while, the farmer came upon a sullen, but sturdy-
looking mule for sale.

 "This mule is well-trained, will work hard all day, and never give you
a problem,"  the owner of the mule assured the farmer.

"That's what I need,"  the farmer smiled and after a bit of haggling,
the cost of the mule was mutually agreed upon, and the farmer left
for home, leading his new mule.

The next day, the farmer harnessed the mule and set out to plow his fields.  

It soon became apparent, that the mule had other plans, however, and
try as hard the farmer might, he could not get the mule to move.

The farmer tried to pull, and shove ,and even coax the mule with fine
oats and other morsels ... but the mule would not budge.

Dismayed and angry, the farmer returned to the market and found the
man who had sold him the mule.  

"You have cheated me," the farmer puffed to the mule's former owner,
"That mule is good for nothing and won't do a lick of work."

"No, that isn't so," the former owner protested, "That mule is a good
working mule."  

"Well, he won't work for me," the farmer retorted.

"I will show you," the other insisted.  So, he accompanied the farmer
back to his farm where the still-harnessed mule stood dozing in the
noonday sun.

"You see," the farmer said emphatically.  "He won't move."

"Not a problem," the former owner exclaimed.

Reaching for an old two-by-four from a pile of discarded lumber,
the former owner rounded on the sleeping mule and hit him on the
head -- right between the eyes.  Thwack!

Instantly, the mule was jarred into consciousness, stumbled, and quickly
began to pull the plow in a perfectly straight line.

"See how well he works? ... You just have to get his attention first,"
the former owner explained.

We have described the corporations of the  Missouri Baptist Convention
and Southwest Baptist University as similar to the mythical "many-headed
-- each head with its own objectives, prejudices, personal and
political ambitions ... and "secrets" to keep.

It has become equally clear over the past years that at least one of beast's
-- is the head of a mule.

When Marie's friend told her the above story in the first months after the
second acute poisoning (in 1989), Marie argued that such drastic measures
would not be necessary as these people were "Christians "and would surely
listen to reason.

"I don't know," responded her friend, who was a non-traditional Christian,
"I don't see how they could be called 'Christians.'  ... They aren't even very

Since that time, we have all been educated in the culture and philosophy
of Southwest Baptist University and the Missouri Baptist Convention.

We now recognize (and Marie has finally conceded) that -- due to this
mule-headed stubbornness -- it will be necessary to take some drastic
(though, of course, legal and non-violent) measures in order to
get the attention of this beast

These measures
will appear to be about as "subtle" as a two-by-four
between the eyes
, but please recall that we have earnestly tried every
other conceivable means
to get this beast's attention.

We mention this now, because -- from what we hear -- it is likely
that during their Spring Meeting this Monday and Tuesday, May 8 and 9
the |SBU Trustees will not vote to resolve this situation nor deal with
the irresponsible, immoral, unethical, and illegal conduct of the SBU
staff and associates.

Due to on-going threats -- in fact, promises -- of further retaliatory harm
and injury if we proceed, we will not be able to describe or report the
progress of any of these measures on this site
... until after the fact.  

In all likelihood, these measures will begin the evening of May 9, 2000 --
immediately following the Meeting of the SBU Trustees.

We will delay no further:  there will be no reprieve.

This will be the forty-sixth (46th) time that the SBU Trustees have
met without resolving this situation since September 26, 1988 --
Marie's first acute poisoning.

Would these men and woman allow one of their own children to suffer
such pain, loss, savagery, and cruelty?

We think not. ...

Though each of us hopes that this is not necessary, we all know in are
hearts that we have been attempting to deal with a very stiff-necked,
stubborn -- and astonishingly cruel, arrogant, and self-centered --
"many-headed beast".

Following this May 8 and 9 Meeting, we will no longer attempt to satiate
or communicate with this "beast."   It seems to do little good.

We simply do not know how to speak to this monster ... and no longer wish
to expend our efforts on a worthless and fruitless venture.

Again, we would like to express our regrets and sympathy to all those who
must witness or suffer the brutality of this creature.

We will make one final effort .

We will be reporting on this site the nature of the progress, if any, that
is made during the May 8 and 9 Meeting.

More to come ...

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