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     Former Coach Says Southwest Baptist University
                      Discriminated Against Her

Coach files suit against SBU

Bolivar Herald Free Press
Wednesday, August 23, 2000

A sex discrimination case filed against Southwest Baptist
University is expected to be heard in federal court in Kansas
City next week.

Anne Marie Julian, varsity women's softball and soccer
coach at SBU from 1996 until May 1999, says in the complaint
before the United States District Court, Western District, that
SBU discriminated against her on the basis of her sex in the
imposition of work assignments, harassed her because of her
sex, and created an intimidating and offensive work environment
which included offensive sexual harassment.

Julian had earlier filed a complaint with the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission.

Bolivar attorney Jay Kirksey of Douglas, Lynch, Haun and Kirksey
is representing the university in the case, which is set to begin trial
Monday. He said the trial had originally been scheduled to last
for three weeks, but that the judge has narrowed the time frame
to six full days.

"This case has a lot of folks involved and a lot of documents,"
he said. Many present and former SBU coaches and other staff
members are mentioned in the court documents.

Julian asks for back pay, future lost wages, damages and attorney

Kirksey said it's unlikely that the trial won't begin as scheduled.

"I think both sides want to take it to trial," he said.  

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Original Source (no longer available online as there is no archive):
                            The Bolivar Herald Free Press

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