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          Ex-SBU Coach Wins Claim of Retaliation

Anne Julian’s lawsuit alleged school fired
her for filing discrimination suit.

The Associated Press
The Springfield News-Leader
           September 8, 2000

KANSAS CITY - A federal jury has sided with a former Southwest
Baptist University coach who claimed she was fired because she
sued the school.

"It’s a happy day, but also a sad day," Anne Julian said Wednesday
after the jury announced its verdict in U.S. District Court in Kansas

Julian had sued the Bolivar school, claiming she was the victim
of sex discrimination and unequal treatment of women’s teams.

Despite her joy over the verdict, Julian said she comes away from
the ordeal lessened in stature in the eyes of peers.

"Dr. (Pat) Taylor (university president) asked me if I wanted
to hurt SBU. I didn’t. I want to help SBU
," she said.

The jury’s decision on retaliation comes a day after Julian’s
claims of sex discrimination were dismissed by U.S. District
Judge Fernando Gaitan.

Julian, who now teaches and coaches in Kentucky, was awarded
$1,800 in lost wages for the three months
it took her to find a job
after she was fired. The jury also directed Southwest Baptist to
pay her $75,000 for emotional anguish.

[Note:  Julian's salary for coaching the SBU Woman's
Volleyball team was, according to this figure, about $600
a month
The jury also found that Julian should be awarded attorney
; although, the total fees were not made available at
the time of the trial.

Julian coached volleyball between 1996 and 1999 and softball
between 1996 and 1998. She claimed the university paid her
less than male coaches and provided inferior equipment,
facilities and budgets for the women’s teams.

She also said she was fired in May 1999 because she had filed
a sex discrimination lawsuit.

University administrators contend they treated Julian’s teams
as well as other sports team at Southwest Baptist. They said
they fired her because she mistreated her players [that she
did not take her players out to celebrate and eat after losses
and that she did not act professionally [that she discussed the
litigation with students and others and was "uncooperative"
with the Athletics administration
] .

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Original Source: The Springfield News Leader/The Associated Press

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