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This was faxed to various Empire District Electric Offices by
about 9:15 the morning of Wednesday, February 14, 2001.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Marie O'Hara
Bolivar, MO 65613

Lynda Thompson
Credit and Collections
Empire District Electric Company
Joplin, MO

Dear Lynda Thompson,

For your reference, I have included two (2) faxes which I
sent to the Southwest Baptist University Board of Trustees
this week -- February 12 and [February] 13.

These enclosed faxed letters concern the conduct of one of
Empire District Electric Company's attorney, Mr. Gary Lynch.

Additional letters to the SBU Trustees and other information
will be posted on the "Marie O'Hara Donation Drive" Website

( today and
throughout the next ten days.

I will be sending my collection of signed letters (which
were faxed to various Empire offices) to you later next week.

I am sorry if you interpreted my lack of enthusiasm for
signing documents as some form of evasion or contrariness.

This is far from the truth.

The friend who assists me with the printing of the letters
has had difficulty with a printer for the last few weeks
and, thus, I have been unable to have the letters printed.

Further, due to my exposure to the pesticides at Southwest
Baptist University
, I have acquired an extreme (potentially
fatal) allergy and sensitivity to the inks used in the printing
of these letters.

I seem to tolerate the inks used in this particular printer
better than others and did not think it wise to risk exposure
to another type of printer ink at this time.

Even with meticulous precautions, the signing of documents
often results in symptoms which persist for days or weeks.

I do not look forward to the aftermath of such "signing
parties" for this often includes: the aggravation of
asthmatic and respiratory symptoms; swelling (especially
of the face, head, and limbs); "burning" of the skin
(which involves a painful, red, peeling rash); gastro-
intestinal pain and retching, and searing, excruciating
neurological pain.

Yes, I am hesitant to sign documents, but for the above
stated reason -- not due to any intractable obstinacy.

I will, however, be signing a group of documents next
week and will send the promised documents to you at
that time.

I will be contacting you within the next several weeks --
following the completion of my discourse with the SBU
and the Missouri Baptist Convention Executive


I thank you again for your continued patience.

Sincerest Regards and Happy Valentine's Day,

Marie Ann O'Hara

cc Glen Blake,
Empire District Electric Company,
Ozark, Missouri
Fax: (417)-582-1317

cc Customer Service Representative, June
Empire District Electric Company,
Ozark, Missouri
Fax: (417)-581-7560

cc Customer Service Representative,
Empire District Electric Company,
Joplin, Missouri
Fax: (417)-625-5144

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