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Monday, February 12, 2001, about 10:53 am

Marie Ann O'Hara
Bolivar, MO 65613

The Entire Southwest Baptist University Board of Trustees
In the care of:
Southwest Baptist University
SBU President, C. Pat Taylor
Bolivar, MO 65613

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the SBU Board of Trustees:

Earlier this month, my intention had been to make my
spokespersons available to meet with you today.

Following my representatives' presentation, I had planned
to speak to you directly via telephone.

It has become apparent, though, that the degree of animosity
and volatility in this situation has intensified.

My hopes for a civil, rational discussion relating to my concerns
have, regrettably, diminished.

Therefore, I am not sending my representatives nor will I be
able to discuss this with you by telephone as I had intended.

Nonetheless, I will be sending a faxed letter to you tomorrow
morning before 8:00 am.

However, my question for you remains simple and direct:

   Will you compensate me for the years of financial, physical,
   academic, professional, social, emotional, psychological,
   mental, and spiritual injury and harm which you and your 
   associates have inflicted upon me, my family, and friends
   by the use of unethical, immoral, abusive, and illegal means?

   Yes or No.

Before continuing, though, I anticipate and appreciate your
judicious foresight and prudence in dealing with the participation
of your corporate attorney, Mr. Gary Lynch,
and his firm in these

I request that Mr. Gary Lynch and those members of his law
firm who are involved with this situation voluntarily withdrawal
from these proceedings.

If Mr. Lynch and the members of his firm refuse to excuse
themselves voluntarily, I would ask that you require Mr. Lynch
to bring his parents' Bible (or his own) with him to this afternoon's

In front of the full assemblage of the SBU trustees, I ask
that your attorney, Mr. Gary Lynch, put his right hand on
his Bible and swear the following:

     I did not initiate nor participate in any unethical,
     immoral, or illegal act which resulted in harm or
to this student, Marie O'Hara.

    I am not aware of any unethical or illegal act by any other
    member of the Southwest Baptist University administration,
    trustees, staff, faculty, contributors, or associates which
    in any way slandered or defrauded this student or resulted
    in substantial financial, physical, academic, professional,
    social, emotional, mental, psychological, or spiritual
    injury or harm to Ms. O'Hara, her family, or her friends.

My faxed letter will be delivered to the office of the SBU President,
Dr. C. Pat Taylor, tomorrow morning (February 13, 2001) before
8:00 in the morning.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

In the hope, healing, and humility of Christ,

Marie Ann O'Hara

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