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Friday, September 28, 2001 about 4:00 pm

From: Marie Ann O'Hara
Bolivar, MO

To each of the following:

Dr. Jim Hill, Executive Director
of the Missouri Baptist Convention

Pastor Dr. Bob Collins, current President
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
and current Chairman
of the MBC Executive Board

Pastor Dr. Bob Curtis
current First Vice-president
of the Missouri Baptist Convention

Pastor Rev. John Duncan,
current Chairman of the
Southwest Baptist University
Board of Trustees

and other officials of the
Missouri Baptist Convention
and Southwest Baptist University

Dear Sirs:

Although I may be taking too much for granted, I believe that
you may be familiar with at least some portion of my situation.

I have a cause of action -- actually, multiple causes of action --
pending against Southwest Baptist University and others associated
with the university.

These causes of action are primarily related to my chronic and
acute exposures to the illegally applied, neurotoxic, now-banned organophosphate and other pesticides and their accompanying
solvents which I suffered while on the campus of Southwest
Baptist University
and the immoral, unethical, and illegal responses
by those allied with the university to my attempt to recover from
and obtain compensation for my injuries.

These immoral, unethical, and criminal actions encompass: the
physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological damage,
pain, suffering, and harm; slander and defamation; harassment;
sexual harassment; the intentional infliction of emotional distress
and financial damage and losses; document falsification and/or
tampering and insurance "irregularities"; the invasion of privacy
and confidentiality; the abuse of power and political influence;
conflict of interest; various conspiracies to conceal or to do harm;
denial of due process; extortion and/or blackmail; intimidation
and coercion; the violation of civil rights; assault; retaliation;
witness tampering and/or bribery, and the obstruction of justice.

Further concerns include: the conspiracy to deceive and withhold
relevant information from government officials, students, parents,
and the general public pertaining to repeated indoor, daytime
fumigations of highly toxic pesticides applied by, among others,
Richard Bakkum, an admittedly uncertified applicator; the improper
use of state and federal grant and loan programs; the improper
(and possibly criminal) conduct of several local pastors, deacons,
and church members in SBU business affairs; the abuse of pastoral
authority or church leadership by the SBU administration, faculty,
or legal staff to incite and nurture pernicious ill-will and hostility
against me, my family, or my friends with the purpose of attempting
to discredit, defraud, or cause retaliatory physical, psychological,
or financial harm; the abuse of administrative authority through
the encouragement or continued tolerance of harassment, sexual
harassment, intimidation, or defamation and slander, and the
abuse of administrative authority by the purposeful manipulation
or destruction of my relationship with family, friends, employers,
coworkers, or others, especially in retaliation for reporting

Additional issues pertain to the possible or probable criminal
violations of:
   the Federal Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA);
   the Missouri Pesticide Use Act and the Federal Insecticide,
   Fungicide, and Rodentcide Act (FIFRA);

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act;
   the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,
   and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

These actions have involved a number of individuals, companies,
and agencies, including:

    Southwest Baptist University;
    Missouri Baptist Convention;
   Campbell Pest Control;
   First Baptist Church of Bolivar
    and, in particular,
    SBU Trustee and Pastor Dr. Ray Leininger;
   Polk County Ministerial Alliance;
   Gary Lynch and his law firm;
   Garry Bryant;
   the City of Bolivar;
   the County of Polk;
   Empire District Electric Company;
   the Polk County Community Center;
   Polk County Sheriff's Department;
   the Bolivar Police Department;
   Citizen's Memorial Hospital, and others.

However, I have sought to resolve these matters in a civil,
comprehensive, restorative, redemptive, and Christ-centered
manner -- without having to resort to further legal action.

Thus far, though, my sometimes life-threatening struggles to
achieve a peaceful and just settlement seem to produce only
further harm. At times, I see little hope for constructive progress
toward a lasting, God-inspired resolution.

Nevertheless, I still hope.

I still believe.

Is it possible that I believe more in the ability of Southwest Baptist
University to conquer these difficulties in a righteous and judicious
manner than each of you do?

I stand prepared to conclude these matters with the Southwest
Baptist University Board of Trustees as they meet this coming
Monday and Tuesday (October 1 and 2, 2001).

As a possible model of constructive reconciliation, I submit for
your review the enclosed article on the concept of "Restorative

This Monday (October 1) before 9:00 in the morning, I will
present for the consideration and approval of the Southwest
Baptist University Trustees a proposal for the prudent and
prompt settlement of these issues.

This time, I earnestly hope and pray that someone will hear, listen,
and respond in a peaceful, just, and Christ-motivated manner.

In His Hope and Peace,

Marie Ann O'Hara

Three-Page Enclosure:  Restorative Justice