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Tuesday, May 22, 2001 about 4:30 pm

Public Service Commission
Governor's Building
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Fax: (573)-526-1500

Marie Ann O'Hara
Bolivar, MO 65613

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to request immediate arbitration in a long-standing
dispute with Empire District Electric Company of Joplin, Missouri
regarding the possible unethical and criminal conduct of Empire
District Electric Company
employees and attorneys which has
hindered my ability to pay my electrical bill.

Specifically, these allegations involve: extortion/blackmail;
harassment; intimidation; retaliation; slander; witness tampering;
coercion; obstruction of justice; fraud; conspiracy to defraud in
collaboration with city, county, and church officials; assault, and
possible criminal violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Much of this potentially criminal conduct was in response to my
having filed litigation against Southwest Baptist University seeking
compensation for the serious, life-threatening chronic and acute
respiratory, neurological, and other injuries which I suffered as
a result of the unethical and illegal indoor applications of organo-
phosphate and other pesticides (and the accompanying solvents)
by an unlicensed applicator on the campus of Southwest Baptist
in Bolivar, Missouri.

Many of Empire District Electric Company's administration
and employees, who are avid boosters and supporters of their
"hometown" university
, took offense at my endeavor to receive
compensation from SBU for these injuries.

These individuals believed that I had "threatened and attacked
a Christian university" and declared that, therefore, in spite of
my proven financial eligibility and disability, I was "unworthy"
to receive any financial aid or electrical assistance -- either public
and private.

Though the initial series of attempts at small-town political
interference and grudging mischief was launched and fueled
by SBU's corporate attorneys -- who also happen to be the
attorneys for Empire District Electric Company, the City of
, the County of Polk, the
Bolivar Ministerial Alliance,
and the Citizen's Memorial Hospital -- the chicanery has since
spread and escalated into full-blown, grievously dangerous,
and potentially criminal conduct.

For some time, I have been attempting to resolve the situation
without having to resort to filing criminal and professional
complaints with the authorities, but this week, Ms. Ann Butts,
Empire's Manager of Credit and Collections, who has been
newly-assigned to my account, has given me written notice
that she will no longer permit me to correspond with Empire
regarding these "problems."

Further, she has demanded that I pay $420.31 by Monday,
May 28, 2001
(Memorial Day) or my electrical service will
be permanently terminated on Tuesday, May 29, 2001.

Therefore, I would ask that you fax a copy of this letter to
Ms. Ann Butts
and to the president of Empire District Electric
, Myron McKinney -- who is, coincidentally, a graduate
of Bolivar High School and, as a Bolivar native, has a number
of associates and friends who have participated in these activities.

Mr. McKinney's and Ms. Butts' fax numbers are:

    Myron McKinney's fax number: (417)-625-5153
    Ann Butts' fax number: (417)-625-5169

Throughout this week, I will be sending (via fax and mail) a
number of documents which may aid you in understanding
my complaint.

This information will, most likely, answer many of your questions,
but once you have reviewed it, I would be happy to arrange to
speak with you by phone.

As I have not been well, I would prefer that you do not contact
me directly at my home phone; instead, I will call you when
I am able to do so.

I would like to request a hearing as soon as possible, but I am
still open to negotiating a reasonable compromise with Empire
District Electric Company
-- perhaps a payment agreement
which is within my current means.

The previous seven "payment agreement offers" by Empire's
former Bolivar District Manager (and SBU booster), Gary King ,
were proffered while my respiratory equipment was disconnected
and I, pleading for my life, was often bleeding, suffering respiratory
distress, and/or seizures.

Most of the "offers" presented using this "negotiation technique" --
which some may refer to as "blackmail" or "torture"-- were
concerned with or contingent upon my settlement with Southwest
Baptist University

For this reason, it may be of interest to Mr. McKinney that,
this week, I am tendering yet another proposal to settle this
dispute with Southwest Baptist University and the Missouri
Baptist Convention
in Jefferson City (which, according to the
Missouri Office of Education
, holds the deed for Southwest
Baptist University

Your kind and helpful receptionist indicated that a specialist
would intervene immediately and will fax this letter to Mr.
and Ms. Butts as soon as possible this afternoon
(Tuesday, May 22, 2001).

I earnestly appreciate your assistance and intervention on
my behalf.

Sincerest Regards,

Marie Ann O'Hara

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