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The following letter (slightly amended for Internet presentation)
was sent to Polk County Circuit Judge J. Michael Brown on
Tuesday, December 26, 1995 -- the day after Christmas.

It concerns the case Empire District Electric vs. Marie Ann O'Hara
(Polk County
Court, Case Number CV895-146AC).

More information on this case and related events will be posted

Tuesday, December 26, 1995

Marie Ann O'Hara
Bolivar, MO 65613

Judge J. Michael Brown
Circuit Court of Polk County, Missouri
Associate and Probate Division, Room 7
Bolivar, MO 65613

Dear Sir:

I am writing to request a continuance until March 5, 1996 on
the Polk County
Court, Case Number CV895-146AC, Empire
District Electric vs. Marie Ann O'Hara.

I wish to make clear that I dispute the charges and billing in
Empire District Electric's suit against me. I believe that evidence
conclusively show that Empire District Electric engaged in
unethical and
fraudulent billing practices, that Empire District
Electric assisted in
obstructing my efforts to obtain Energy
Assistance, and that I was violently
coerced into signing the
June 17, 1993 "settlement agreement" while being
to severe personal injury and the threat of imminent death.

I have been advised that a number of incidents in the behavior
of Empire
District Electric employees and associates may constitute
criminal violations
of several federal and state laws. Though I am
eager to defend myself
in this matter, it has been recommended
that I not do so at this
time lest this hinder the criminal prosecution.

Therefore, I have, with the assistance of others, compiled this
so that the proper authorities may fully review it and
determine the best
course of action. This appraisal may take
several weeks longer than the
normal 30 to 45 days because of
the limits imposed by my medical condition.

It has taken several weeks to compile this information as this situation
spans five years, involves dozens of individuals, and relates both directly
and indirectly to my litigation seeking compensation for the disabling
injuries which I received due to acute and chronic exposures to highly
neurotoxic pesticides and their solvents while a student at Southwest
Baptist University. (This litigation is filed in Green County, Missouri,
Case Number CV191CC2880).

I am constrained from making further comments until the authorities
and my
attorney, Mr. Melvin Belli, have completed their reviews
and discussions.


However, I do wish to clarify several issues. Mr. Kerry Douglas
that I purposefully evaded notification of the litigation
which Empire
District Electric had filed against me. This is an
utter falsehood.

As Mr. Kerry Douglas and Mr. Gary Lynch, who are the defendant Southwest Baptist University's local counsel, are fully aware, Mr.
Belli has a full
time answering service, a considerable staff, a 24
hour fax number, and a
voice mail through which he may be

I was astonished to hear during the first week of November that
District had, in fact, filed suit against me. I understood
that Empire
officials had spoken to an attorney from Mr. Belli's
office, Mr. Leroy
Vadney, following the last of a series of seven
illegal and life-threatening
disconnections of my electrical service
(for as long as eight
to ten hours) and had suggested arranging
a lien against any settlement
in the Southwest Baptist University
litigation in order to resolve the

I had agreed to assess such an offer and awaited the proper
paperwork while
continuing to make monthly payments (though
they did little good due to the
interest which Empire District
Electric added each month), but the paperwork
was not
forthcoming, and the subject was not broached again.

Indeed, Mr. Leroy Vadney was in Bolivar for two days during
the second
week of October 1995 to resume depositions in the
SBU litigation.
Unfortunately, the depositions were postponed
after Mr. Vadney had
already arrived from California due to
the sudden hospitalization of
Mr. Gary Cunningham, SBU's
lead attorney. Again, no mention was made
of the Empire
District Electric matter.

Apparently, Mr. Douglas contends that I did not answer the
door to
individuals sent to serve papers. Because of the virtually
harassment of the last several years, my caregiver and
I do not answer
the door to strangers. When several men whom
we did not recognize
appeared at the door during that time period,
we concluded that if their
business were legitimate, they would
comply with the written request to
leave a message. No message
was ever left.

Likewise, since the Polk County deputy and Bolivar police officer
left no indication of their business with me nor did they contact
attorney (as the written notice on the door indicated), I assumed
this to
be a continuation of the intimidation which has been employed
at various
times during the past three years since the forceable entry
into my home
in October 1992 by two deputies and a woman from
the Division of Aging.
 A partial description of these two episodes
is contained in the enclosed
sworn interrogatories from the SBU
litigation (Green County Court, Case
Number CV191CC2880:
filed December 20, 1993; Marie Ann O'Hara Interrogatories,
question #31, pages 371-373).


Further, I was told that the restricted certified letter which Empire
regarding this suit was only the formal notification of depositions
in the
SBU case. Because personally signing for a restricted letter
(as required
by the post office) is difficult and painful for me, I
was relieved to
hear that my attorney had already dealt with the
deposition notification
and; therefore, I allowed the Empire letter
(which I thought to be the
SBU deposition notification) to be returned
without signing for it.

Let it be known that I have not referred this situation for criminal
prosecution as retaliation for the wrongdoing which these individuals
have done against me, my family, or my friends. My actions are entirely
prompted by my need to defend my life in light of the threat by Mr.
and Mr. Lynch to execute me by terminating my electrical
service and, in
so doing, terminating my life.

Additionally, I have learned from brutal experience that any attempt on
my part to obtain local assistance in paying this bill would be futile
and would result in the usual savaging reprisals and insults. For this
reason, I allowed my friends to seek immediate assistance from outside
the Bolivar and Missouri areas. Whatever portion of the billing is found
to be legitimate will no doubt be paid in full by March 5, 1996.

I ask, therefore, that a continuance be granted until March 5, 1996 on
the Polk County Court, Case Number CV895-146AC, Empire District
Electric vs. Marie Ann O'Hara.

Sincerely,(original copy signed)

Marie Ann O'Hara


(Green County Court, Case Number CV1912880: filed December
20, 1993;
Marie Ann O'Hara Interrogatories, question #31, pages

cc Mr. Kerry Douglas
Mr. Gary Lynch