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Posted Sunday, September 2, 2001 about 3:00 am

Saturday, September 1, 2001 about 9:00 am

From: Marie Ann O'Hara
Bolivar, MO

To: Pastor Dr. Ray Leininger
First Baptist Church of Bolivar

Dear Dr. Leininger:

Were you going to assist me with the payment of the electric bill,
or shall
I look elsewhere?

If I seek assistance from other sources, this will implicate other
and commitments -- commitments which will exclude
options which are
currently available.

I hear you saying one thing, but you are still doing another --
at least, from
what I can infer from my limited perspective.

Although this propensity is certainly not exclusive to you alone
by any means; nevertheless, I ask you: Is it just and righteous that
I should be compelled
to imperil and jeopardize my health, well-
being, and life continually to accommodate this inclination?

Again, I will need to know as quickly as possible: Will you assist
with the
payment of the electrical bill?

Though perhaps this is only wishful thinking, I would like the
payment, if
possible, to be made in the name of a church or
church organization.

I know that this breakthrough would be hailed on the Donation
with suitable fanfare and celebration -- probably involving
singing hamsters
danc ... I mean, leaping for joy (
[Note:  Baptists frown upon any kind of dancing.]

Dr. Leininger, you ... we ... have and audience.

Do not shame all of us by refusing again to answer my plea.

If you do plan to help, please leave either a receipt or a check
(payable to Empire District Electric Company) in a sealed envelope
on the door of my residence.

If you were apprehensive that the envelope might be carried away
by the
wind or weather, please punch a single hole in the envelope
and tie it to
the screen door handle with a string or rubber band
[Note:  This is what Empire District Electric Company did when
they delivered the letter on August 29, 2001.

For your reference, I have enclosed a copy of the arrangements
I made with Empire District Electric Company on Wednesday,
August 29,

Please honor my appeal, and do not link this assistance to any
form of obligation or commitment (either yours or mine).
If you will
consider for a moment, you will see the wisdom of
this request.

Therefore, please do not knock, tarry on the doorstep, or include
other item or document with this donation envelope.

I ask that you act quickly and with a pure heart, mind, and spirit --
hedging, dissembling, or double-minded intent.

I will not make this request letter known publicly yet and will wait
5:00 pm this evening before taking any other action.

However, I will graciously and immediately acknowledge the receipt
any donation.

I have another matter to discuss with you and will contact you
morning ... but for now, I ask that you hear and respond
to my plea.

Kindest and Sincerest Regards,

Marie Ann O'Hara

Letter to the Public Service Commision and Empire District Electric Company
Wednesday, August 29, 2001

(Copies sent to several other pastors and friends.)

Dr. Leininger has not responded ...

A Third Letter to Dr. Ray Leininger,
Pastor of First Baptist Church of Bolivar