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 Items for the Consideration
of the SBU Trustees
and the
Missouri Baptist Convention

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 Items for the Consideration
of the SBU Trustees
and the Missouri Baptist Convention


~*~For Your Review~*~
Wounded Hearts:
"Questions of the Heart"Petition



~*~For Your Review~*~
An Excerpt From:
"So What About the Money:
A Conversation Among Friends"


"Because of the ADA,
discrimination against a person
with a disability
is not just unkind or cruel or wrong:
It is an infringement of federal law,
and a violation of civil rights.

President George W. Bush
February 1, 2001
in the introduction of his

"New Freedom Initiative" for Disabled Persons

"New Freedom Initiative"
Offers "Tools for Success," Independence,  
and Dignity to Disabled Persons

The proposal to Congress is divided into four parts:
increasing access to technology,
expanding educational opportunities,
integrating disabled people into the workforce,
and promoting access to community life.

According to the text of the document released
by the White House:

"The President will ensure full enforcement
of the Americans with Disabilities Act
by the Civil Rights Division
of the Department of Justice.

..."Too many private clubs, churches, synagogues,
and mosques are inaccessible or unwelcoming
to people with disabilities."
... "Every effort should be made to ensure
that Americans with disabilities
have the opportunity to be integrated
into their communities and
welcomed into communities of faith.

President George W. Bush
"New Freedom Initiative" for Disabled Persons
February 1, 2001

The full text of the

"New Freedom Initiative"
for Disabled Persons

The full text of the:
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,
particularly note SEC. 503,
Prohibition Against Retaliation and Coercion,
42 USC 12203.

Bush Acts to Ease Social Ills;
Faith-based Initiative Leads
to Church-State Questions

Dallas Morning News

Bush "Faith-Based" Plan
Invites Abuses, Critics Say

Religious groups target of probes

Roloff Homes,
run by People's Baptist Church
in Corpus Christi, Texas,
has been under investigation since 1973.


Is Ashcroft a Friend of the Disabled?
Ashcroft's "Mark of the Devil"


More on John Ashcroft,
the newly appointed US Attorney General,
(and former Governor of Missouri)
and his extensive personal
and political connections
to Southwest Baptist University to follow.


While recognizing the bias of the
following article's writer,
we feel that, given the situation,
 the revelation of these aspects of
Mr. Ashcroft's record is appropriate
and relevant.

Ashcroft is Bad News for Workers
January 27, 2000
Seattle Post

The Evil that Lurks Within


Five-Year-Old Girl, Sensitive to Wheat,
Not Welcome in Catholic Church

Associated Press

Perhaps you will listen to Bill Moyers:
A Moyers Reports

Public Broadcasting Service


What Is An Inert Ingredient?
Northwest Coalition
for Alternatives to Pesticides

Important NCAP Links


How is it that chemicals
whose effects on the body are so 
dangerous and heinous

that they are banned
even from modern warfare ...
came to be used on Baptist students?

Dulce Et Decorum Est
Wilfred Owen

Monday, December  11, 2000  7:00 am  (CST)
We would like to extend our condolences
to the SBU family
in the death on this past
Sunday, December 3, 2000
of three SBU students

Baptist University Mourns Loss
of  Three Athletes Killed in Crash

Baptist Press

Investigation of  Fatal Crash
Continues as SBU Mourns

Springfield News Leader

SBU Football Player Charged 
Three Counts of Manslaughter
in Alcohol-Related Crash


Driver in Fatal Crash Goes to Court
Tyler Wasmer, 20,
Faces Charges in the Deaths
of Three Passengers

Springfield News Leader

This tragedy comes in the wake
of a difficult year for the
SBU Athletics Department.

"Roland to Roland: 'I want you back' "
Bolivar Herald Free Press

On November 1, four SBU football players
were dismissed from the university
and eight other disciplined
after a drinking party in the
early morning hours of October 29
ended in the gang-rape
of a 22-year old former SBU student
on a picnic table
by four SBU football players.

Apparently, some of these same athletes
were involved in the incidents
surrounding the deadly December 3 car wreck
that took the lives of three students
and injured two others. 

Four SBU Football Players Expelled
After Sexual Assault

Word and Way

Earlier in September, the SBU Athletics Department
was also the focus of legal action by
a former coach
who filed a sexual discrimination suit
against the University.

Former Coach Says SBU
Discriminated Against Her

Bolivar Herald Free Press

  Jury Awards Former SBU Coach $76,000
    Bolivar Herald Free Press

Ex-SBU Coach Wins Claim of Retaliation

Associated Press

 Jury Sides with Former Coach in Suit
Against Baptist School

Associated Baptist Press
We ask your prayers for the
SBU Athletics Department  ...
and for all
Southwest Baptist University Students

As the Bolivar Herald Press
has reported --
Fifteen SBU Students Have Died
in Traffic Crashes Since 1994


Please remember these individuals 
and their families in prayer.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000  12:00 noon  (CST)
We wish to express our condolences
to the family of Missouri Governor
and former Trustee of  
Southwest Baptist University,
Mel Carnahan


Missouri governor and U.S. Senate candidate
Mel Carnahan, his son and a top adviser
were killed last night in the fiery crash of a
private plane about 30 miles south of St. Louis.
CNN Coverage

Missouri Governor with Life-Long Ties
to Missouri Baptists Killed in Plane Crash

Baptist Press

Archdiocese Settles Abuse Suits;
Apology Acknowledges 'Past Failings'


Lethal Drug and Pesticide Sensitivities:
New Test Could Help
Tailor Drugs for Individuals


The Brick

Commentary: It Pays to Tell the Truth;
BP Amoco's Disclosure
of Chem-Lab Risks Makes Financial Sense, Too.

Click "Commentary:  It Pays to Tell the Truth"
on the right-hand side.
Business Week

A Mule's Tale
with comments

The More Things Change,
the More Things Stay the Same

with comments

The Many-Headed Beast
with comments

Supreme Court Judge Calls for Greater Civility
 From The Word and Way,
the Journal of the Missouri Baptist Convention

 If Hard-Hearted Attorneys Are the Problem ...

 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Professor Speaks on Setting Priorities,
Taps Old Testament's Haggai

Baptist Press

 Texas Woman's University
Ordered to Pay Disabled Professor
For Retaliation Under ADA

The Chronicle of Higher Education

 Jury Awards $5 Million to Man
Told He Wasn't Allergic to Bee Stings

with Comments

$6 Million Awarded in Sexual Harassment Case
Kansas City Star

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Board of Trustees Dismisses President
Cites Inappropriate Anger

Kansas City Star

Man Convicted of Chemical
Assault on Severely Allergic Woman

   BBC News


The Healing Hearts Proposal Introduction
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2 Transcripts and Records
3 The Draft Conciliatory Letter
4 Educational (NDSL) Loans
5 Empire District Electric Billings

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