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                       Four SBU Football Players Expelled
                          After Sexual Assault

Word and Way,
Journal of the Missouri Baptist Convention
November 2000

Bolivar — Four Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar,
students were expelled November 1 after an alleged sexual
assault on a former female student.

The incident was reported to have occurred after a party
during the early morning hours of October 29. A total of 12
students received disciplinary action, including the four who
were expelled. The expelled students were members of the
SBU football team.

All 12 students were disciplined for violating the SBU student
code of conduct, said Steve Morrow, vice president for student
development. The 22-year-old woman reported to Bolivar police
that several students sexually assaulted her on a picnic table
after the party.

She later declined to press charges. Morrow said school officials
did not have enough information to show a crime was committed,
only enough to show that the students had violated school policy.

The four students declined to appeal the school's disciplinary
action. They will not be able to reapply to the University until
January 2002.

Original Source:
            The Word and Way, The Journal of the Missouri Baptist Convention

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