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Saturday, April 14, 2001
corrected on Monday, April 16, 2001 about 11:00 am

More Unpleasantness

Marie has asked us to post a brief announcement.

This coming week she will be formally requesting the assistance
of a number of organizations and companies (such as
District Electric Company,
the City of Bolivar, the County
of Polk, and others
) in petitioning for the Missouri State Bar
for the revocation of the law licenses of SBU
corporate attorney Gary Lynch and several associates of
his law firm (Kerry) Douglas, (Gary) Lynch, (Verna) Haun,
(Jerry) Kirksey

Evidence is to be presented of involvement in possible immoral,
unethical, and criminal conduct
, including:  blackmail/extortion,
obstruction of justice, witness tampering, forgery, defamation,
harassment, intimidation
, fraud, assault, conspiracy, and
public corruption

Marie asked to have this posted as it is possible that those involved
may have already gotten wind of this and may attempt a retaliation
during (or after) the Easter holiday.

We are all (particularly Marie) very disturbed by this development --
especially as it has happened during Easter Holy Week.

As Marie wrote to friends:

   I know Gary Lynch has not been physically well, but is he also
mentally well?  

   Is no one going to intercede for him or are they just going to let
   him be dragged to his own destruction (along with a dozen others)
   as they did
Dr. Jim Sells, Jerald Andrews, Gary Brandt, Dennis
[the former SBU football coach], or Gary King [the former
 Empire District Electric Company Bolivar manager].

   He (and these others) can not handle this situation!  Isn't that clear
   to every thinking, feeling person?

   Why must these people insist on destroying or brutalizing good
   people in order to accommodate their own political or personal
apathy and ineptitude?