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Germany to Recognize
Chemical Sensitivity"
Due to Injury and Poisoning

Information from the
February 2001 Issue of
"Our Toxic Times"

Germany is the first country in the world to list
"Multiple Chemical Sensitivity"
as a distinct disease entity resulting from injury or poisoning  
in its edition of the World Health Organization's (WHO)
Classification of Diseases

ICD codes are widely used by doctors, researchers, health care
workers, and insurers to classify diseases and compile and track

Though most countries now use ICD-10, the United States is

still using ICD-9 -- though according to the National Center
for Health Statistics (NCHS), the United States plans to switch
over in 2002.

The Germans added MCS as an index term in their November
update (ICD-10-SGBV, version 3.1).

     "Multiple-chemical-sensitivity-syndrome" is listed in
       the main
alphabetical index as well as under syndromes
       and under
"Chemical-Sensitivity-Syndrome Multiple."

       All are referenced to
code "T78.4" in the section on
       injuries and poisonings.

 T78.4 is
a pre-existing code for "Allergie, nicht naher
       bezeichnet" (=
allergy, not otherwise specified or NOS).

The German version is published by the German Institute for
Medical Documentation and Information

 The United States ICD-9 codes do recognize the
following disease codes (the ICD code is in parenthesis):

Pesticide Poisoning

Poisoning (9**.**) from external cause such as:
      pesticides (989.4 from E863.4)

      If chemical injury is due to a poisoning, the agent involved
      should be specified (9**), and the type of exposure specified

Respiratory and Immunological

     Allergy (473.*)

     Asthma (493.**, 506.30 if from fumes)
          Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)
        Reactive Upper Airway Dysfunction Syndrome


     Gastroenteritis & colitis, toxic

     Food Intolerance


     Migraine (346.**)

     Neuropathy (various: peripheral, poly)

     Encephalopathy, Toxic

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