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Although this letter was originally posted Tuesday, April 24, 2001
about 4:00 in the afternoon
, it was not faxed to the Empire Electric District Company offices until Wednesday, April 25 , 2001 about
8:30 in the morning

There were several minor adjustments and corrections made
before the letter was faxed to Empire District Electric Company.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Marie O'Hara
Bolivar, MO 65613

Lynda Thompson
Credit and Collections
Empire District Electric Company
Joplin, MO

Dear Lynda Thompson,

I last wrote you on Wednesday, April 11, 2001 and enclosed
(for your reference), two letters which I sent to the Missouri
Baptist Convention
and Southwest Baptist University officials
on April 9 and
April 10, 2001.

As I had explained, I made an offer of peace to Southwest
Baptist University
on Monday, April 9, 2001.

Further, I had received no reply to my proposed offer of
by 10:00 am on Tuesday, April 10 and had accordingly
interpreted this as a definitive denial  -- only to be informed
later that this may not necessarily be so.

In fact, I was told, the
Southwest Baptist University
may not have concurred with this purported refusal.

As stated in my letter of April 11, 2001, I determined then
to extend the deadline for the peaceful resolution of this
conflict until
Monday, April 16, 2001 until I could ascertained
if this denial were unquestionably the consensus of the entire
SBU Board of Trustees.

However, the next day, I was informed that Mr. Jim Hill,
the Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist Convention
was vacationing and would not be available during the
week of
April 16-21, 2001.

Due to the degree of violence and injury which I have sustained
at the hands of individuals associated with SBU, I had deemed
Mr. Jim Hill's presence essential in moderating this dispute,
and; therefore, I had chosen to postpone any prospective
deliberation until Mr. Hill's return on the following
(April 23).

I apologize that I did not think to inform you of the alterations
in this scheduling sooner, but I was, quite frankly, rather acutely
and radically ill.

Although this bout of illness (which was precipitated by an
severe allergic reaction) has been harrowing and, at several
points, possibly life-threatening, I am now sufficiently recovered
enough to continue.

This week, I will be contacting Mr. Hill and Bob Collins,
the President of the Missouri Baptist Convention
, to implore
their aid and intervention in negotiating a peaceful resolution

to this impasse.

However, in addition to seeking their intercession in rectifying
financial and academic issues, I have urged them to take decisive
action in the discipline and dismissal of a number of individuals
associated with
Southwest Baptist University -- including your
mutual corporate attorney,
Mr. Gary Lynch.

If, by the next scheduled meeting of the Southwest Baptist
Trustees on May 7-8, we are not able to arbitrate
some arrangement with Mr. Hill and other officials of SBU
and the
Missouri Baptist Convention whereby I may be assured
Mr. Lynch will cease his continual unjust, and (in some
cases) potentially illegal harassment of me, my friends, and
family, I will be compelled to ask the cooperation of Empire
District Electric Company
and others in petitioning the
State Bar Association
for the revocation of
the law licenses of
Mr. Gary Lynch
and several of the associates of his law firm
(Kerry) Douglas, (Gary) Lynch, (Verna) Haun, and (Jerry)

There is, I believe, evidence of Mr. Lynch's involvement in
possible immoral, unethical, and criminal conduct
, including:
obstruction of justice; witness tampering;
forgery; defamation and slander; invasion of privacy and breech
of confidentiality (including the violation of FERPA protections); intimidation; harassment (including criminal violation of the
Americans with Disabilities Act);
assault; fraud; conspiracy,
and public corruption

Additionally, I have written Dr. C. Pat Taylor, Southwest Baptist
University President and CEO
, to call for the immediate and
appropriate discipline or dismissal of other SBU employees
and associates in time for the
May 7-8 meeting of the Southwest
Baptist University

As a youngster, my parents taught me that the best way to
"eliminate" your enemy
... was to make him or her your friend.

I thought this to be sound and unfailing advice -- until I began
Southwest Baptist University.

Even now, I can still hope my parents' advice proves true, for
I would delight to see
Southwest Baptist University take responsibility
for and triumph over her own misconduct, failings, and pain.

Although I had hoped that my financial business with
Baptist University
would have been concluded by now, I find
that, in spite of my best efforts, this is not yet so.

Therefore, beginning this week, I have agreed to cooperate
with several non-profit organizations in obtaining donations
and funding so that I may escape from Bolivar, seek treatment
for these injuries, and find a refuge and a new life elsewhere.

This will require considerable publicity -- a fact which brings
me no pleasure.  I have hesitated so long to resort to this
type of aid for that reason.

I am a peaceful and private person.

The tortuous and wrenching manipulations and disruptions
of my life and dreams by such terrene, brutish, capricious, 
and self-seeking individuals have been at least as savaging
to me as the actual physical injuries.  

I had hoped to avoid this ceaseless conflict and publicity,
but I will, nonetheless, do what I must.

Early next week, I will endeavor to update you as to the
outcome of these various discussions and contacts.

If you should have any questions, please contact the officials
associated with Southwest Baptist University and the Missouri
Baptist Convention
which I previously listed in my previous
letter of March 19, 2001.

These officials, it seems, practice an incongruous form of
"virtual, non-normal reality" in which black is white and
white is black
, and good is evil and evil is good.

Although I, at one time, spoke (with varying fluency) some
five or so languages ... I have yet to decipher what these
are saying.

You are welcome to contact them; perhaps you can make
sense of their moral and ethical code.

Again, if we were able to reach an agreement (or if I were
able to obtain funds for relocation from contributed sources),
I would be leaving Bolivar (and quite possibly the country)
as quickly as is safely possible.

When that occurs, I will send you a certified written and signed
requesting the closure of my electrical account
or the transfer of the account into my landlord's name.

At that time, I would handle any remaining financial arrangements.

I earnestly thank you once again for your continued fortitude
and patience.

My Sincerest Regards,

Marie Ann O'Hara

Faxed to: Lynda Thompson
Credit and Collections Manager,
Empire District Electric Company,
Joplin, Missouri
Fax: (417)-625-5169

cc Glen Blake,
Empire District Electric Company,
Ozark, Missouri
Fax: (417)-582-1317

cc Customer Service Representative, June
Empire District Electric Company,
Ozark, Missouri
Fax: (417)-581-7560

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