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Thursday, April 5, 2001 about 12:00 noon

Committee on Felonious Conduct
at Baptist Universities

"Do you really think the Missouri Baptist Convention will do
any better at this?
" a friend exclaimed, "I can see it now ...
they will take one look at this and form the
"Committee on
Felonious Conduct at Baptist Universities"
-- which would
meet every six months for a potluck/prayer dinner (while the
wives shop) ... and wait until Marie dies.

The friend continued:
 "I, for one, do not think they qualify
as 'saints who occasionally sin'; I think they are probably
closer to criminals who occasionally play Christian.

Just as we were preparing to finally send the various letters
to Dr. Ray Leininger, Mr. Jim Hill, the trustees of Southwest
Baptist University
, and board members of the Missouri Baptist
Marie received word from various sources that --
due to the growing publicity and the increasing possibility
of repercussions and consequences -- SBU officials are not
amenable to (and unlikely to cooperate in) any further inquiry
or attempt at "discussions."

Marie was initially distraught by this discovery, but after praying
this morning, she has accepted that perhaps this is for the best ...
perhaps the less said, the better.

She has asked that we assist in posting a revised and shortened
version of the "Healing Hearts Proposal."

Once this is posted (probably by Friday, April 6, 2001 by about
), Marie will ask that by Monday, April 9, 2001, she be given
a simple response -- yes or no.

We, too, feel this is the best for everyone in the long run.

More to be posted later tonight as the situation develops ...