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Coming Clean

On Monday night, March 26th, public television
will air a groundbreaking investigative report
on the chemical industry.

correspondent Bill Moyers and producer Sherry
Jones uncover how our health and safety have
been put at risk and why powerful forces don't
want the truth to be known.

This investigative report, accompanied by a
Web site, is based on a massive archive of secret
industry documents as shocking as the "tobacco papers."

TRADE SECRETS provides everyone working on
toxic chemicals and environmental health issues a
tremendous education and outreach opportunity.

To help maximize that opportunity, the Environmental
Health Fund, the Environmental Working Group, the
Center for Health, Environment and Justice and
Women's Voices For the Earth are launching Coming
Clean, a project aimed at cleaning up the chemical
industry's contamination of our food, our bodies
and our environment.

Coming Clean is working with groups across the
country to organize local TRADE SECRETS viewing

For more information about how you can organize
a viewing event in your community, please
contact :

        Ann Long at,
       Charlotte Brody at,

        Bryony Schwan at,
       or Monica Rohde at