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Thursday, March 22, 2001  about 10:15 am (CST)                       

Is SBU a Toxic Waste Dump?

This morning, we have had word that some members of the
Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Board and trustees
would like to know if some buildings on the SBU campus are
so contaminated with pesticides that they may currently pose
a threat to students who are living, working, eating, sleeping,
and studying in those buildings.

One has asked:
"Is SBU a toxic waste dump?  Is that why
they have fought so hard to cover this up -- even to the point
of committing crimes and seeking to injure or kill a student
to keep it all quiet?  Are our kids safe on that campus?!"

Has SBU become a toxic waste dump?  

If you ask the current SBU officials, will you be told the truth?

Marie certainly wasn't told the truth.

And more than a few have been fighting diligently to stop her
from asking the questions.

There is no doubt that Marie was contaminated with the pesticides --
she was chemically burned; her lungs bled; she had brutal
seizures and neurological injuries.

She is, however, still waiting for compensation, for answers,
for the Truth ...

We have urged these officials to watch the upcoming Bill Moyers
,"Coming Clean" this Monday, March 26 (presented
locally at 8:00 pm on KOZK) and to read the information on the
"inert ingredients"
and contamination caused by the improper
(and Illegal) use of pesticides

Through her own investigations, the research and sacrifices
of others, and the unquestioned intervention and grace of God,
Marie learned of much of this "secret information" on the
"inert ingredients" of pesticides.  

This information was given to her attorneys, who, in turn, then
presented this information to SBU -- during the depositions of
Campbell Pest Control's employees
... in January 1992.

SBU officials have known;  they have known ... for a long, long time.

As for Marie, some have questioned whether it would be best --
to avoid further injury -- to override the local officials and deal
directly with the Missouri Baptist Convention officials.

But will even
they deal with integrity in this situation?

We will be posting again later today with the decision as to whether
Marie will attempt any local negotiations this week.