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Wednesday evening, March 14, 2001 about 6:00 pm

A Revision

We have heard from several sources that Marie's planned presentation
of a letter to the members of First Baptist Church of Bolivar this
evening is likely to prompt angry, hostile, and potentially violent
reactions from several church members.

Because Marie does not wish to provoke violence (and, thus, further
complications), but desires to promote resolution, these reports have
become increasingly disquieting.

Beyond this, others have voiced concern that this situation would put
many individuals in the precarious position of being made aware of
possibly criminal conduct by their fellow church members.

This is particularly troubling due to the fact that more than a few
city, county, and state law enforcement officials and policy makers
have ties to First Baptist Church of Bolivar including:

  individuals connected with the Bolivar city and Polk county governments;
  several judges, clerks, and attorneys;
  individuals associated with local, county, and state law enforcement;
  several state and federal legislators and their staff members,
  and even staff members of the current Attorney General of the United States.

In addition, several of the individuals which Marie would like to address
and confront concerning these matters are not available this week due
to Spring Break.  Several of those who are present this week are,
unfortunately, those most likely to react in an immature, abrasive,
abusive ... or explosive manner.

This would accomplish little and would most probably serve to further
complicate and delay the resolution of these difficulties.

Having considered these complaints and concerns, Marie has determined
not to distribute the first letter to the church members tonight, but to
give both letters directly to the church trustees and deacons on Sunday,
March 18, 2001.

It is presumed that the majority of those involved will have returned
from Spring Break and will be present on this Sunday night.

We all hope that cooler, more mature, attitudes will prevail at that time.

Marie's letter to Empire District Electric Company  -- which describes
these (and other) adjustments and changes in circumstances -- will be
posted tomorrow morning.