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After unsuccessfully attempting to fax this letter to Dr. Ray Leininger
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Bolivar
this evening, we decided it
would be best to post it now.

Sunday, March 18, 2001

Marie Ann O'Hara
Bolivar, MO 65613

Dr. Ray Leininger
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Bolivar

Dear Dr. Ray Leininger,

After arduous and exhaustive consultation, I have
been advised that you -- not the members of First
Baptist Church of Bolivar
, nor the church trustees
or deacons
-- are the individual to whom I should
address my concerns.

My reaction to this pronouncement: I moaned outloud.

    Isn't this the man who has spent years harassing,
   slandering, and demeaning me, my family, and friends?

   Has he not sought to insult, defraud, injure, and endanger
   me and my loved ones at virtually every turn?

   Has this pastor not corrupted his own calling in the
   ministry, grieved the Holy Spirit, and defiled the Name
   and Anointing of Christ
by such conduct?

   How is he to be trusted?

To be honest, I was horrified, bewildered, and astonished.

My friends were ... even less charitable.

Nonetheless, after careful prayer, I, too, realized that
this was, in fact, the manner in which this situation is
to be resolved.

Therefore, in the morning, I will be sending a fax to
your office to coordinate an opportunity and means
of communicating with you privately.

However, I reserve the right to utilize other alternatives
if you are not willing or able to handle
this matter in
a prudent, God-ordained, and expedient manner.

I request your prayers and, of course, as always,
I offer my prayers that you, your family, and the
congregation of First Baptist Church of Bolivar
know the Blessings, Wisdom, and Strength
of the Lord.

In awe at the Mercy and Wonder of The Christ,

Marie Ann O'Hara