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The Works of Julia Kendall

Marin political organizer and anti-pesticide advocate, Julia Kendall,
passed away on July 12, 1997 of complications from leukemia and
pesticide poisoning.

Injured by the organophosphate pesticide, malathion, during the
1990 Medfly eradication program, Julia focused her activism on
the effects of toxic chemicals on human health.

She was the chair of Citizens for a Toxic Free Marin and an active
member of the Hazardous Waste Sub-committee of the California
State Air Resources Board.

Julia was committed to combining litigation and publicity to change
public policy on issues that affect health and the environment --
including removing chemical barriers in institutions covered by the
Americans with Disabilities Act.

In 1994, she led a campaign against American Airlines to stop the
unannounced spraying of pesticides on passengers.  Her efforts
generated international publicity and led to the end of the practice
in several countries.

She organized demonstrations, phone-in campaigns, publicity and
lawsuits against corporate manufacturers of toxic products.

Ironically,  Julia -- who sued Neiman Marcus "for continuing to
pollute my mail with fragrance strips" -- was exposed to scented
health care workers in the hospital before she died.

She firmly believed that those industries are vulnerable; that if
the public stops buying their products and stocks, they will clean
up their products or go out of business.

Though a spirited and optimistic activist, she balanced her enthusiasm
with ingenious and tireless scientific research into the effects of
toxic chemicals.

A portion of her legacy includes a series of pamphlets which we
have received permission to post as a tribute to her.

                             The Works of Julia Kendall (1935 - 1997)


Making Sense
of Scents

Twenty Most Common Chemical Found in 31 Fragrance Products

The Health Risks of Fabric Softeners

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