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Monday, January 29, 2001

Marie O'Hara
Bolivar, MO

Lynda Thompson
Credit and Collections
Empire District Electric Company
Joplin, MO

Dear Lynda Thompson,

This afternoon, I have received a letter from Mr. Glen Blake,
the Manager of the Ozark office of Empire District Electric
Company, informing me that -- as you are the Credit and
Collections Manager for Empire District Electric Company
my account has been transferred to you.

I understand that Mr. Glen Blake has also forwarded to you
a series of letters which I had faxed to his office on:
November 27, 2000; December 8, 2000; January 19, 2001;
January 23, 2001; January 26, 2001, and (one from earlier
this morning) January 29, 2001.

I am very disappointed in this development as I understood
that my representative and I had a working relationship with
your Senior Customer Service Representative, June Thompson
from the Ozark office.

As June had acquired at least some limited understanding
of my situation, I am dismayed that I must now attempt to
re-explain the circumstances to yet another individual.

The initial experiences were quite sufficiently traumatic;
I utterly detest having to continually recite these events
to yet another person.

I feel that the best way to achieve this is to refer you to
the "Marie O'Hara Donation Website":

and the "Healing Hearts Proposal" located at:

The above letters -- along with other relevant letters, documents,
and information concerning the illegal, slanderous, and injurious
conduct of Empire District Electric Company employees and
-- have been posted to this site.

Please review these letters and the information on the Marie
O'Hara Donation Website.

Once you have reviewed this material, I would like to arrange an
opportunity to talk with you during the early part of February.

As I stated this morning in my earlier letter, I am asking that
during the February 12-13, 2001 meeting of the Southwest Baptist
University Board of Trustees
, those individuals associated with
the Missouri Baptist Convention, Southwest Baptist University,
various local churches and church and community agencies,
and other individuals involved in this slanderous, injurious,
and criminal wrong-doing against me take financial responsibility
for their actions.

I have been told by various persons participating in these incidents
that since the individuals involved in these slanders and assaults
are Christians ... "forgiven" Christians ... the "Blood of Jesus"
covers their sins.

Perhaps so.   But ... what of their victims?

I am quite certain that the Empire District Electric Company
would not take my check if I were to write "The Blood of Jesus"
as the manner of payment for my electrical billing.

In any event, I have sought an assistance grant from an out-
of-state corporation (unrelated to any Christian organization)
which should be to me available within the next several weeks.

I had previously received a substantial grant from this corporation
several years ago and felt it prudent to wait until the beginning
of the 2001 year to re-apply and qualify for the new funding.

Once you have familiarized yourself with this information,
I hope that we will be able to make satisfactory arrangements
for the disposal of this issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention and assistance.

Sincerely Regards,

Marie O'Hara

Lynda Thompson
Credit and Collections Manager,
Empire District Electric Company,
Joplin, Missouri
Fax: (417)-625-5169

cc Glen Blake,
Empire District Electric Company,
Ozark, Missouri
Fax: (417)-582-1317

cc Customer Service Representative, June
Empire District Electric Company,

Ozark, Missouri
Fax: (417)-581-7560

cc Customer Service Representative,
Empire District Electric Company,
Joplin, Missouri
Fax: (417)-625-5144

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