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Cold Weather Can Worsen Asthma


Monday October 09 08:47 PM EDT
by Melanie Sanders

If you're feeling a little under the weather it may be allergies,
triggered by the chilly temperatures and what you're doing
to keep warm, according to WDSU NewsChannel 6 anchor
Melanie Sanders.

Colder temperatures in the air can bring on some allergy problems,
according to Dr. Carolyn Daul.

Sanders said that the allergic disease asthma becomes a problem
this time of year when there's a drastic dip in temperature.

"There are triggers of asthma attacks. Cold temperatures can
do that," Daul said. "Air pollution can do that. Being around
cigarette smoke

Sanders said that even fireplace and portable heating systems
[fueled by kerosene, propane, or petrochemicals] can cause
pollution in your home, triggering asthma.

Felicity Fisk, 10, has dealt with allergies for three years.

"My nose starts to run. I get a really deep cough," she said.
"Sometimes my throat hurts."

But Dr. Daul said that there are prescription drugs that are available
that can help even as it gets colder.

Fisk agreed, saying that her two inhalers are helping keep her
allergy under control.

Researcher Michelle Slattery said that new medicines are undergoing
clinical trials. She said that the new prescription drugs are aimed
at keeping patients healthier longer.

"We have had patients that we've followed in different trials with
new medicines for 5 to 6 years and they are doing well," Slattery
said. "They have lower incidents of respiratory infection and
allergy attacks."

Sanders said that you should visit an allergist to find out which
treatment is best for you.

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