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Actress Jane Seymour Leads Campaign This Spring
To Protect Children From
Potentially Dangerous Pesticides

EPA Condemned Pesticides Still On Store Shelves

           NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 2001--
Actress Jane Seymour announced today that she is spearheading
a national campaign to alert parents to the potential health risks
children face from exposure to potentially dangerous pesticides.

The campaign -
Care for Kids - includes as partners a leading
family organization and experts in the field of pesticide management.

The program will teach millions of parents about the steps they
can take to protect their children from potentially dangerous

Materials will be distributed through the YWCA of the City of
New York
and its national childcare network.

"I've been involved with children's issues for years," said Seymour,
mother of six, including five-year-old twin boys, "I am alarmed
that millions and millions of gallons of pesticides are sold and
used every spring in homes, schools and childcare centers, putting
our children at risk. Today we are saying to parents, `not this spring,'
do something different. And we are providing tools to help them.

Why Pesticides Now?

According to a recent study, nine out of 10 consumers say safety is
their biggest concern when buying pesticides. However, nearly half
say they have not investigated the health and safety of the pesticides
they use and believe they do not have enough information to feel
comfortable making decisions about them (Convergys Survey,
Sept. 2000, 400 interviews).

Pesticides made headlines across the nation this past year with the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) condemning and phasing
out two popular pesticides for home and garden use due to the
potential health risks they pose, but allowing their sale through
this spring and summer season.

These pesticides are known as organophospates, which include
 [trade named Dursban] and Diazinon.

Chlorpyrifos can be sold until the end of 2001, Diazinon until 2004.

At least 50 other pesticides are currently under review by the EPA
and other announcements may follow.

Reaching Families Across America

"As parents, we want to do everything we can to protect our kids,
but there is an incredible void of simple information to guide
parents to better choices,
" Seymour said.

The national campaign will reach millions of families this spring
through an easy-to-understand brochure and Web site.

The brochures will be distributed in New York City and across the
country through the YWCA-NYC.

"Our goal is to put valuable information in parents' hands where
they make daily decisions about their child's care
," said Rae Linefsky, CEO/executive director of the YWCA-NYC. "We know first-hand
the power of information and the positive impact it can have on

The YWCA Child Care Network serves 2.5 million children.

Care for Kids Action

Care for Kids is asking parents to follow the 3E's of Pesticide Safety --
                         Educate, Evaluate and Eliminate.

The steps are:

-*- Educate yourself about potential pesticide threats to children.

-*- Evaluate your home, school or child care center.

-*- Eliminate dangerous pesticides from your child's environment
and replace them with safer alternatives as needed.

The Care for Kids brochure will offer easy checklists for parents to
follow in their home, school or childcare center.

Further, it will direct parents to, a Web
site that will enable them to learn more about up-to-date information
on health, research, ingredients and products.

Who Cares for Kids

Care for Kids is a partnership of organizations and individuals
associated with children and pesticide management including:

-*- YWCA - New York City operates childcare centers throughout
the city, serving over 1,200 children, and is part of a national
network of childcare centers that reaches 2.5 million children.

Since 1870, the YWCA-NYC has been a pioneer for political
and social change for new and innovative programs to improve
the lives of women and men, girls and boys, families and



-*- Bill Currie has had hands-on experience with all aspects of
urban pest management during his 22 years as a charter member
and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) specialist with the
Environmental Protection Agency.

Since leaving EPA, Bill founded the International Pest Management
Institute (IPMI)
, which provides technology exchange for urban
IPM information including private consulting and training workshops
on IPM for school sites, nursing homes, hospitals and food
manufacturing, handling and commodity storage.


-*- Dr. Faith Oi works closely with Dr. Phil Koehler in the Urban
Entomology Program of the Entomology and Nematology Dept.
at University of Florida.

Dr. Oi previously held positions at the USDA and Auburn University,
where she developed an extension program in urban pest management
in cooperation with the Alabama pest control industry and Alabama
Cooperative Extension System.

Dr. Oi received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida's Entomology
and Nematology Department.


-*- Bioganic Safety Brands, Inc., a manufacturer of pesticides
made with select plant oils for use in the home, lawn and garden.

Bioganic discovered a new all natural "active" ingredient
that has the killing power of conventional synthetic insecticides
with all the benefits of the natural botanical insecticides,
including no pesticide residue.


Care for Kids
and its education campaign is funded by donations from

Bioganic Safety Brands, Inc.