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Friday, April 6, 2001 about 6:00 pm

No One is Home

While attempting to fax Mr. Jim Hill, the executive director of
the Missouri Baptist Convention
, at his Jefferson City office early
this afternoon, we were told that Mr. Hill was not in his office and
would not be back until Wednesday, April 11.

Apparently, he is preparing for (or has already left for) the meeting
of the
Executive Board of the Missouri Baptist Convention at the
Missouri-Baptist-owned Lake Windermere facility in Roach,

We have made arrangement to have his letters delivered directly
to him as soon as he reaches Lake Windermere.  

Marie asked us to remind everyone that she has not abandoned
her intention to extend mercy -- "deserved" or not -- to those
who have injured and harmed her.  

We, however, would like some assurance that Marie will not

be injured further (or even killed) in the effort to rectify this
miserably complex and difficult situation.

Your prayers for all involved are profoundly appreciated.

More details and posts to follow ...