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Thursday, April 12, 2001

Marie O'Hara
Bolivar, MO

Mr. Jim Hill,
the Executive Director
of the Missouri Baptist Convention

Dear Sir:

Yesterday, I was informed that you will be away on vacation
over the next week (April 16-20) and will not be available
during that time.

I am dismayed to hear this as I have several matters of some
urgency which require your immediate action and attention.

God willing, on Monday, April 23, I will contact you again.

Until them, I will do what I must to be heard.

I will not be delivering my gift to Southwest Baptist University
this Easter Day.  Invariably, the gesture would be savaged,
misinterpreted, and maligned

What purpose is there in shouting at the deaf or lighting the
path for the blind?

Sincerest Regards,

Marie Ann O'Hara