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Thursday, March 15, 2001 about 12:00 noon

A Way Out?

After communicating with a number of people yesterday and today,
Marie believes that she may have "a way out" of this situation.

We are hesitant to speculate "outloud" before any other arrangements
are made; instead, we will allow her to explain the situation herself
through her next letter to the Empire District Electric Company
and the Missouri Baptist Convention.

We, like Marie, do not believe that it is possible to settle this matter
without the supervision of the Missouri Baptist Convention and
other governing and accrediting agencies and authorities.

In our mutual opinion, Marie would be ill-advised to proceed without
the cooperation of one or several of these authorities.  

None of us are aware of any instance where the individuals associated
with Southwest Baptist University ever acted in Marie's best interest
to protect her health, well-being, or professional or academic career.

We challenged Marie to name one incident in which SBU acted to
defend or protect her in any way.  

She could name no such instance.

Neither can we.

Intervention by some authority is an absolute necessity.

Though the letters may be completed and sent today, it may be

tomorrow before we post them on the website.